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Table Decoration Making

Vintage style table decorations for the wedding. We provide a vintage tea cup for every hen and you get to fill it with hand made textile flowers. We can even co-ordinate the vintage fabric and button choices with your wedding colours.

Further Info:

Perfect for the DIY bride and her friends. Everyone will get to create their own textile flower filled vintage tea cup. We'll work with you before the session to select fabrics based on the wedding theme and colour scheme, and even find out the bride-to-be's favourite flowers. On the day we can inspire you with lots of beautiful vintage fabrics, buttons, and different flower templates and show you how to make a variety from fabrics and wire. Everyone will work on their own vintage tea cup, but also get the opportunity to make a matching brooch, or hair accessory to keep and wear on the day. The decorations will be a stunning feature on any wedding table and be a fantastic memento for the bride to keep.