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Memory Book Workshop

Make a very special memento for the bride-to-be with a memory book. Write messages to the bride-to-be, share memorable moments, get everyone to bring some special photos to add for her to treasure forever. We even provide a Polaroid camera so you can add some memories from the day! All put together in a fantastic book with collage, paper cuts, rubber stamp prints and much more.

Further Info:

All the hens can work together to share their memories of the bride-to-be in a beautiful album to treasure forever. Write messages, leave them in handmade envelopes to be discovered later, make paper cuts, collage, print, and sew your pages... We'll show you a variety of techniques and bring a bounty of materials to help you make a creative, stunning and memorable book for the bride-to-be. Using the same techniques, the bride-to-be can work on a picture frame with a polaroid taken on the day of all the hens. Lots of fun and time to share memories of the bride-to-be. Our expert tutor will be on hand throughout to demonstrate techniques and suggest creative ideas to help you along the way.